Friday, 9 November 2012

All this beauty just waiting for you to see it.

My Monday became a Friday all of a sudden. I'm unexpectedly busy for an unemployed person. A little pop up shop I've been working on will be opening up  in a few weeks and I'm leaving next. I've left all sorts of projects to the last minute and have decided to start making lists today as soon as I wake up and get out of these jammies.

So to make up for my absence on the so very young blog here is my life in the past coupla weeks in pictures. (Mostly from London!)

1. The blue light from the floor of a Mega Bus. 2. Our pals Field Music gettin' all Mercury Prizey! 3.-4. Camden Lock  Hotel. 5.Andy and the Android. 6.-7. Glimpses from the Stable Market 8.Blue Skies 9. Tunnel Trumpeter. 10. Art & Andy 11. Tate Birches 12.  Peach Cobbler breakfast. 
 13. New scrapbook. 14. Winter Sunlight.

Edit: Oh and you know Obama was reelected!

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