Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Day after Halloween.

Last night was the most fun ever! Me and the hubs and my pals Jayne and Brett went to a haunted trail at Bristol Zoo. Sadly we couldn't take any photos, but it was silly. Lots of zombies and a really dodgy plot! It was so much fun!

Zombies and Vampires : A Family Portrait. 

Andy cuddling the pizza menu wielding and rather spooky ape king! 

Brett being attacked by said Ape King!

Now all of the Halloween fun is over (bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!) and I've spent this morning removing all the evidence of my favourite holiday. Like Christmas it breaks my heart every year to take it down.

But I always try to keep little bits around to remind me of my favourite time of the year!

Hope you had the most amazing Halloween ever!

p.s. I'm going to London tonight, for a super secret fun party and then tomorrow it's a museum binge! (Of course there will be loads of pictures!) So expect a coupla short but sweet posts while I'm away! Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! xx

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